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In the other sectors show a positive sign from January to April 2019 only light commercial vehicles (+6%, with a growth of 16% during April) and light trailers (+1.2%, with an increasement of 16% during the month), while decrease trucks (-10%, in slowdown of 7% in April), buses (-5.5%, with a slowdown of 4% in April), heavy trailers and semitrailers (-5.5%, while during the month the slowdown is of 3%).
During terrestrial locomotion, the loading angle acting on the femur falls within the range of 120 to 150 degrees, is greater than those of take-off (80 to 130 degrees); furthermore, with the increases of the loading angle, the femoral orientation becomes more parallel to the load, and it will cause an increasement in muscle effective mechanical advantage (Biewener, 1989, 2005).
The performance of channel estimation in all algorithms decline, mainly because the CE-BEM modeling error increases with the increasement of Doppler frequency.
It could be speculated an increasement in brain ammonia because in the evaluated animals it has been observed astrocyte swelling and brain oedema in the pigs.
The intensive use of fossil fuels in transport has had consequences that come from the instability of the reserves, due to the finitude of the resources, as well as the environmental impacts that the use of these fuels entails, such as the increasement of greenhouse gases [1, 2].
While the switch is off, sudden increasement in gate voltage by a high dv/dt will drive gate pin of MOSFET by [C.sub.GS].
Measurement of Lithuanian Regions by Regional Competitiveness Index: Aspect of Accuracy Increasement. Economics & Management, (14), 700-708.
Generally, the curves first rise and then decline slightly with the increasement of tree depth.
On a multiple binary logistic regression model, age (per year increasement) (AOR) (95%CI, p-value) 1.07(1.03-1.09, <0.001), viral hepatitis of HBsAg (AOR) (95%CI, p-value) 6.19(1.92-19.93, 0.002), and H.
However, although these studies demonstrate a positive effect of the use of additional sensory information on postural control, there is no evidence that this increasement in sensory input can contribute in a dynamic intervention process, such as in postural balance training with video games in elderly fallers.
Increasement in Porphyromonas, Prevotella, and Leptotricha species could trigger rheumatoid arthritis [73].