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Any of several gastrointestinal hormones that bring about the release of insulin from the pancreas after carbohydrate ingestion and are essential in maintaining normal levels of glucose in the blood.

[Blend of increase and secretin.]
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DPP4 destroys the hormone incretin that stimulates insulin secretion in response to meals.
Observations that oral glucose provokes a greater insulin secretory response than the same amount of glucose injected into a vein, (1) coupled with isolation of an extract from the upper intestine that produces a fall in blood glucose, (2,3) led to recognition that the incretin system plays a role in glucose homeostasis.
New non-insulin treatments for type 2 diabetes mellitus include the use of incretin modulators.
The treatment is a once-daily inhibitor that selectively inhibits DPP-4 and increases the active incretin levels, which causes a glucose-dependent glucose-lowering effect.
Incretin hormones stimulate the release of insulin from the pancreas.
Dipeptidyl peptidase-4 inhibitors (DDP4s) result in prolonged active incretin levels, which results in regulation of glucose homeostasis by increasing insulin synthesis and release from beta cells.
And a very important element of incretin action is that they restore insulin release in patients with diabetes" and moderate appetite, he said.
A DPP-4 inhibitor enhances the insulin secretion based on the plasma glucose levels, and it controls the levels by selectively inhibiting DPP-4 activity that inactivates two hormones, the incretin hormones (gastrointestinal hormones that promote insulin secretion) that play important roles in adjusting blood glucose, glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) and glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide (GIP)
They also secrete high amounts of insulin and C-peptide, making the cells an excellent research tool in the field of diabetes and for other beta cell-related studies, such as beta-cell function, screening of compounds that regulate insulin secretion, GSIS studies, incretin response, pancreatitis research, and transdifferentiation studies.
Keywords: Incretin therapy, Exenatide, Liraglutide, Exenatide QW.
The injectable incretin are there in market and these promise good glycemic control in diabetic patients, along with various other benefits.