v. t.1.To fix firmly, as in cube; to secure or place firmly.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Invest in Renfrewshire's request for a longer lease for 9B Gilmour Street, which is used by its InCube programme, was accepted.
Asumiendo que estos son terminos clinicamente poco estudiados en sujetos sanos, debido a que no son predictores utilizados para diagnosticar patologias respiratorias y en base a los resultados reportados, existe una alta probabilidad de que la obesidad incube evidentes valores de compromiso sin que aun se hayan expresado clinicamente, excepto por la presencia mecanica de disfunciones de la via aerea.
The company said that the insider-led round included participation by Third Point Ventures, InCube Ventures, Aperture Venture Partners, Scientific Health Development, Longwood Fund as well asBoston Scientific.
Organizations such as Orlando Health, INSYS Group, Inc., Philadelphia Museum of Art, VARIDESK, Viceroy Hotels, Phillips Manufacturing, InCube Labs, Skyrocket Toys and NewcrestImage have chosen Traliant to provide compliance training to their employees, managers and partners.
In addition to the urns they recently released the ( Bios Incube , a planter and system that monitors tree growth and allows owners to keep the urn close.
InCube Labs, a multidisciplinary life sciences research and development lab, has been awarded a subcontract from the University of Pittsburgh to help develop the therapy.
(37) Pour saint Augustin, les faunes sont des demons incubes (De Civitate Dei, XV, 23), tandis que pour Guillaume d'Auvergne, les faunes sont les fils d'un demon incube (De Universo, II, 3, cap.
The latter was founded in 2012 and spun out of InCube Labs, a medical technology company.
"The impact of this [deal] will be felt for many years," Mir Imran, chairman of medical technology accelerator InCube Labs, told The Wall Street Journal.