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Addressing the event, Deputy Minister of Azerbaijan Ministry of Culture and Tourism Sevda Mammadaliyeva said that the relations between Azerbaijan and Japan successfully develop in various fields including inculture.
When planning thesecurity of amedical facility, you need to factor inculture, which may look awkward but you can't ignore it.Health facilities need proper security layouts.
"Additionally, this event highlights QatarFoundation's commitment to fostering a generation of youth grounded inculture and values." The PUE National Day celebration highlighted thediverse talents within Education City and QF's schools, and wasdesigned to demonstrate the bonds that strengthen the wider communityand how they support Qatar through preserving the country's culture andheritage.
Nessa valorizacao da literatura, Maalouf tambem ve uma possibilidade imediata de escaparmos da "ere sinistre", na qual uma "inculture" propria da cultura de massas apresenta-se simbolicamente como algo autentico, configurando uma circunstancia altamente nociva para a formacao de estruturas democraticas.
Indeed, we are blessed in so many ways and if only there could be a real shift inculture, however gradual, and individual recognitionextendedthat a few moments of thought and considerationwould be sensible and fair to us all, and the norm, beforelooking around, checking nobody is watching --and chucking our unwanted bits and pieces where someone else may (but probably will not) clear them up.
Many marketers don't understand that they Americanize everything, says Tom MacDonald, TeleTech's executive director of real-time translation service, InCulture. "They tend to think in the way we speak, [and] spend a lot of money [marketing to the wrong] people." Most marketers will just buy a list and market based on surnames.
Micrographs picturing the drug's damage to cells grown inculture show "very dramatic' results, DeSombre says: "The cells look like they've had a miniature atom blast in the middle of them.' Moreover, he told SCIENCE NEWS, because each cell suffers so many DNA breaks, "we're confident that they would not be able to recover.'