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Micrographs picturing the drug's damage to cells grown inculture show "very dramatic' results, DeSombre says: "The cells look like they've had a miniature atom blast in the middle of them.
Going InCulture, which BrainReserve calls Cultural Relevance or "CuRe," is a rigorous, research-based approach to analyzing the culture in which a business or brand operates.
With more and more companies turning to their marketing departments to help drive top line growth through sharper innovation and stronger consumer connections, InCulture Communications provides a valuable new resource.
To learn more about the alliance between Faith Popcorn's BrainReserve and Weber Shandwick and/or obtain information on the new suite of InCulture Communication products, please contact Billee Howard or Jennifer Risi (Weber Shandwick) at 212-445-8000 or Mary Kay Moment (Faith Popcorn's BrainReserve) at 212-672-6330.
The first generation of products is comprised of two modules: InCulture Consumer Connection, which focuses on helping companies create relevant future-focused messaging and marketing strategy to better communicate with consumers; and InCulture Innovation Exploration, which illuminates opportunities for redefining innovation and also provides an overview of how innovative strengths can be better communicated.
The Process Our InCulture Communications process will include: * Stage 1: In-house information gathering session led by the BrainReserve team, reviewing the client's current marketing and communications platforms and investigating new areas for exploration, while generating guiding insights; * Stage 2: BrainReserve analyzes and synthesizes the client, market and/or consumer data using the firm's proprietary InCulture Screen methodology.
TeleTech's InCulture service offering will initially focus on providing real time language translation services, also known as over the phone interpretation (OPI), for its client's customers in multiple languages.
Unlike traditional services that provide basic translation capabilities, TeleTech's InCulture is an entire suite of products designed to help clients acquire, grow, and maintain customers in the customers' preferred language.
In addition to OPI services, TeleTech InCulture plans to offer additional multicultural marketing solutions that will enable clients proactively to serve customers within their targeted markets.
TeleTech InCulture Terry College of Business - University of Georgia The Coca-Cola Company The Filipino Press TransPerfect Translations International TripleInk Turner Entertainment Vision-X Inc.
Indeed, we are blessed in so many ways and if only there could be a real shift inculture, however gradual, and individual recognitionextendedthat a few moments of thought and considerationwould be sensible and fair to us all, and the norm, beforelooking around, checking nobody is watching --and chucking our unwanted bits and pieces where someone else may (but probably will not) clear them up.
Based in New York, Sheehy joins The Marketing Arm from Faith Popcorn's BrainReserve where she was strategic director, InCulture Marketing.