n.1.(Law) One who holds an incumbrance, or some legal claim, lien, or charge on an estate.
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Every such Incumbrancer holding any security is required to produce the same at the Examiners Office on the 14th of October, 2011 at 11 o'clock in the forenoon being the time appointed for adjudicating on the claims.
And the surplus might be disposed of on application, to an incumbrancer not made a party to the suit, if it appeared that, in equity, he was entitled to receive the fund.
The Jackson dissent explained that the recording requirements exist because "it [is] important, not only to the parties to the mortgage itself and to assignees, but to subsequent incumbrancers, creditors, and contemplating purchasers, that some permanent and accessible evidence of the existence and contents of the mortgage, and of the title to the same should be provided.
In fact, several thousand landowners, land agents, and incumbrancers contributed both money and manpower to a number of combinations designed to parry the thrusts of the Land League, the National League, and the Home Rule party.
In a long letter to the Times on 1 November 1881, Courtown urged Catholic as well as Protestant incumbrancers or mortgagees, annuitants, and land agents to join the fight against boycotting and intimidation.