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n.1.(Chem.) A bicyclic nitrogenous compound, C7H6N2, analogous to indole, having a benzene ring fused to a pyrazole ring; called also indazol and benzopyrazole. It can be produced from a diazo derivative of cinnamic acid.
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The synthetic compound hypoxic+ 3-(5'-hydroxymethyl-2'-furyl)-1-benzyl indazole (YC-1) has superior anti-angiogenic and anti-tumor activities.
2] for 6 h) and hypoxic + 3-(5'-hydroxymethyl-2'-furyl)-1-benzyl indazole (YC-1) group (addition of 100 [micro]M YC-1, followed by incubation in 1% [O.
Pharmacology of indole and indazole synthetic cannabinoid designer drugs AB-FUBINACA, ADBFUBINACA, AB-PINACA, ADB-PINACA, 5F-AB-PINACA, 5F-ADBPINACA, ADBICA, and 5F-ADBICA.
Synthesis, biological evaluation and chemometric analysis of indazole derivatives.
Biological and chemical study of fused tri- and tetracyclic indazoles and analogues with important antiparasitic activity.
iii) Soluble guanylyl cyclase GC-S (synthesizes cGMP) (NO independent activator YC-1 [3-(5'-hydroxymethy1-2'-fury1)-1-benzyl indazole, 10 [micro]umo1 [1.
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Not surprisingly, CO has no effect, either direct or modulatory, upon the branchial muscles of Mercenaria, even in the presence of 3-(5'-hydroxymethyl-2'-furyl)-1-benzyl indazole (YC-1; Gainey, pers.
Two, nigellicine and nigellidine have an indazole nucleus, whereas nigellimine and its N-oxide are isoquinolines (Ali and Blunden, 2003).
The product, "Crazy Clown," was tested by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation Crime Laboratory, which identified ADBPINACA, an indazole classified under Georgia law as Schedule 1 on the basis of its close relationship to Schedule 1 compounds already specified.