Indefinite term

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(Logic) a negative term; as, the not-good.

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They specify the circumstances in which a contract of employment may end: When both parties agree to terminate it, provided the employee's consent is in writing; when the period specified in the contract expires; at the discretion of either party to an indefinite term contract; when the employee reaches retirement age; or force majeure.
21 of 2015), the employee can change the job with the approval of the government, either after the expiry of his contract, or after five years of service with the employer if the contract is of indefinite term. Employee who wishes to move to a new employer may apply through the website of the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs.
Similar to Flow's other royalty agreements, the financial terms of all acquired royalties include an indefinite term, monthly payments, and a buyout provision.
But now, no-el, indefinite term extension and the uncertainty of a proposed transition period (an idea currently as amorphous as an amoeba) in the shift to federalism are dominating conversations.
The 1998 agreement has an indefinite term and its termination requires 12 years' notice from either party.
For most of its history, California had what was known as indeterminate sentencing, under which a judge would sentence a convicted criminal to an indefinite term rather than a set number of years.
The topics included what Taiwan should do in the wake of Chinese President Xi Jinping securing an indefinite term of office following the National People's Congress recent approval of amendments to relevant constitutional provisions.
Part-time contracts (with less than 48 hours of work per week) also specify that the employee receives at least one-day off and are subject to all the rules and regulations of fixed and indefinite term contracts, Al Hamli added.
Political commentators and business people in China voiced their displeasure on the proposal for an indefinite term for President Xi Jinping, Time Magazine reported.
The period over which a fixed term contract is renewed and the number of times it is renewed before it will be deemed an indefinite term contract is increased.
If the partners are starting a new JV that is intended to have an indefinite term, they should nevertheless consider the factors that may cause the JV to terminate.