Indefinite term

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(Logic) a negative term; as, the not-good.

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Political commentators and business people in China voiced their displeasure on the proposal for an indefinite term for President Xi Jinping, Time Magazine reported.
In an interview on ANC's 'Early Edition,' Trillanes called on the public to be vigilant following the announcement of Dela Rosa's indefinite term extension.
21 of 2015), the employee can change the job with the approval of the government, either on termination or after the expiry of their contract or after five years of service with the employer if the contract is for indefinite term.
Conclusion of a framework agreement with an indefinite term with 1 company on the planning, Project planning and implementation of track-freeing measures of all low-voltage and medium-voltage lines in the area "msw meisterzelle tz-west" in imst district.
The period over which a fixed term contract is renewed and the number of times it is renewed before it will be deemed an indefinite term contract is increased.
If the partners are starting a new JV that is intended to have an indefinite term, they should nevertheless consider the factors that may cause the JV to terminate.
The Assembly of Experts grants Iran's supreme leader, currently Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, an indefinite term but it retains the power to sack him, if it sees fit.
Sought for comment about the particular paragraph of the agreement, Jay Batongbacal, director of the University of the Philippines' (UP) Institute for Maritime Affairs and Law of the Sea, said, "It gives the agreement an indefinite term after the first 10 years.
Kasir is serving an indefinite term for torching a woman's home in a revenge attack after being fined for knocking her off her scooter.
Earlier this month, the same source said Bae could be sentenced to reeducation through labor for an indefinite term or even given the death penalty.
Under the indefinite term, Daly would need to convince a parole board he no longer posed a risk to society.
Jason Soal was freed in 2004 on a life licence after serving 12 years of an indefinite term for killing bachelor Aneurin Williams.