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A genetic mutation caused by the insertion or deletion of a segment of DNA into an organism's genome.

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Indel variations were evaluated by mutation Taster and Combined Annotation Dependent Depletion (CADD) which was introduced as a comprehensive tool in 2014 (l2,13).
However, the mutation rate of ARIDlA in MSI-H gastric cancer is 12- to 60-fold higher than the global background somatic indel rate in mononucleotide repeats of similar length in other genes.
Association analyses revealed a significant relationship between POU1F1 indel and testis short girth (TSG) in 15-day-old Large White (LW) pigs (P = 0.
3 Second Generation 454 SE, PE indel 1 454 SE, PE indel 1 454 SE, PE indel 1 454 SE, PE indel 1 454 SE, PE indel 1 454 SE, PE indel 1 Illumina SE, PE mismatch 1 Illumina SE, PE mismatch 0.
The analysis of these 145 duck mtDNA D-loop sequences revealed a total of 16 nucleotide substitutions and one indel (insertion or deletion) (Table 2).
001 for INDEL >2-bp in different series of plasma DNA from patients with lung or pancreatic cancer.
For Maximum Parsimony, Bayesian Inference and Median Joining Network analysis, indels were coded according to the Simple Indel Coding rules using Seqstate (Muller, 2005).
This sets the study apart from many other datasets which exclude all or some indels because they have proved tricky to identify, or state that indel calling is not of a high quality.
These six marker and six indel matrices were combined into a "molecular only" matrix of 132 taxa and 15147 characters (6899 informative) which is, in principle, equivalent to the Bremer et al.
Alu's are involved in all known classes of regulatory elements, from new exon formation and alternative splicing to gene silencing, from INDEL formation to the regulation of the lncRNAs which organize chromatin loops into functional areas.