Indented line

(Fort.) a line with alternate long and short faces, with salient and receding angles, each face giving a flanking fire along the front of the next.

See also: Indented

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Still others are covered with a profusion of indented lines and patterns such as leaf shapes, perhaps made by a brooch or pendant.
The line numbers in the commentary do not count the indented lines separately, and are therefore not the same as the ones in copy, transliteration, translation, and discussion.
Of course one could quibble about other details, no doubt imposed on all texts in the Pleiade series: line numbers appear just before the first word in a line, rather than before the left-hand margin, and thus poems with indented lines, like "Les Reparties de Nina" (71-74), appear to be littered with footnote references rather than with line numbers (compared with the earlier Pleiade edition [24-27], in which the numbers remain at the far left margin regardless of the poem's visual presentation).
com 5 Gold tie bar with indented lines by Donald Trump, $25, swankinc.
Insert paragraph breaks wherever you can, avoid overly-long complex sentences and set out dialogue on separate indented lines.