Indeterminate problem

(Math.) a problem which admits of an infinite number of solutions, or one in which there are fewer imposed conditions than there are unknown or required results.
- Gray.

See also: Indeterminate

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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She seems unwilling, or unable, to place herself in the situation of the decision-makers faced with a novel and indeterminate problem and the prospect of a visit from a group of very, very, important persons.
So it can express determinate and/or indeterminate information in incomplete, uncertain, and indeterminate problems.A de-neutrosophication process as proposedby Salmeron and Smarandachecould be applied final ranking value[21] for the PEST analysis.
Therefore, the advantage is that neutrosophic functions can effectively express and analyze these incomplete and indeterminate problems because existing methods cannot express and handle these incomplete and indeterminate problems.
However, the incomplete and indeterminate problems generally exist in the scale effect test of rock joints, due to the geometry complexity of the rock joint surface and sampling bias.
A particular challenge for both people and models are indeterminate problems such as the following:
How many alternative diagrams would they construct for indeterminate problems? Would they construct them in the predicted order?
Further, Smarandache [8] introduced an interval function (so-called neutrosophic function/thick function g(x) = [[g.sub.1](x), [g.sub.2](x)] for x [member of] R) to describe indeterminate problems by the interval functions.