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In line with this thinking, the Catholic Church has maintained for centuries a list of authors and their offensive literary works in a standard index known as Index Librorum Prohibitorum (Martinez de Bujanda, 2002).
Al contrario, non molti finora si sono occupati di approfondire gli sviluppi e le prerogative assunte dall'Index librorum prohibitorum nel Novecento.
In order to answer these questions and get a sense of what this part of his library might mean for education in nineteenth-century Newfoundland, it is first necessary to understand something of the history of the Index librorum prohibitorum or the Roman Index of Forbidden Books, as it is more commonly known.
Su opus fusius es la obra de doce volumenes, que, en cierto modo, culmina--aqui, en este XIIo tomo de gran recopilacion--su trabajo de anos, y expone a la luz del sol una de las grandes entregas de asunto inquisitorial: el Index librorum prohibitorum.
At his Catholic boarding school, where he learned Latin and lost his faith, he was fortunate to study with the headmaster, Father Wallace, who recognized his brilliance and encouraged him, as Hughes said, to read books that "probably would have featured on the [Vatican's] Index Librorum Prohibitorem." His mentor, much to the discomfort of the other priests, also introduced him to modernist literature, including the then-risque writings of Ernest Hemingway, Christopher Isherwood, and James Joyce.
It was after this council that the Catholic Church began its index librorum prohibitorum, lists of censored books.
The works of Aretino, for example, joined the works of Kepler, Martin Luther, Copernicus, and Boccaccio, in being among the Vatican's first Index Librorum Prohibitorum (List of Forbidden Books), but nevertheless, copies circulated like wildfire in cities across Europe.
These esteemed writers, philosophers, and scientists also all had works banned by the Catholic Church on its infamous Index Librorum Prohibitorum or Index of Prohibited Books.
The "Index librorum prohibitorum" was launched in 1557 and wasn't discontinued until 1966.