Index rerum

a tabulated and alphabetized notebook, for systematic preservation of items, quotations, etc.
- Hook.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Ao final da obra o livro dispoe de um Index Locorum e de um Index Rerum, seguidos de uma bibliografia complementar intitulada Textos Gregos, indicando as principais obras de autores como Plutarco e Xenofonte, por exemplo.
* Marsilio Ficino: Index rerum. By Christoph Kugelmeier, Peter Riemer, and Clemens Zintzen.
Let us note, finally, that each contribution concludes with its own full bibliography, and that the index rerum is itself a useful research tool.
Given the amount of research that went into the production of this volume, it is unfortunate that Professor Ritchie has included neither an index rerum nor an index nominum, for the edition would be considerably more useful if he had.
On the other hand, the Index rerum provides a helpful guide to the many concepts, appearing in a half-dozen languages.
For instance, one would look in vain in Schuling's book for an exposition of "judgment." The term is not even mentioned in the index rerum. Yet, judgment is in fact one of those complex acts which Schuling analyzes.
Two years later he published an index of the collection: Index rerum naturalium Musei Caesarei Vindobonensis.
The glossary is somewhat sparse: the interesting expression rymans en goret is not included there or in the index rerum, although the commentary records its use by Sebillet.
The indices are an index rerum and an index nominum, respectively, with the latter based on Perosa's index.