India proof

(Engraving) a proof impression from an engraved plate, taken on India paper.

See also: India

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But he claimed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi tried a 'barter deal' with his Italian counterpart Mattio Renzi when they met last year at the UN in late September: 'Give India proof of Finmeccanica with the Gandhi family and we will end the arbitration against the Italian marines - who killed two Indian fishermen - in the International Court of Justice,' was the barter deal suggested by Modi, according to Michel.
The existence of thuggee was seen as a blemish upon British rule in India proof that the 'rule of law' had not been established.
The books in many cases have survived in their original paper wrappers or have been preserved in fine bindings and many of them extra illustrated with india proofs (the most desirable state as the paper took a finer impression).
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