Indian agent

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Indian agent

(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) an official who represents the US or Canadian government to a group of North American Indians
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In′dian a′gent

an official representing the U.S. government in dealing with an Indian tribe or tribes.
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Noun1.Indian agent - a representative of the federal government to American Indian tribes (especially on Indian reservations)
federal agent, agent - any agent or representative of a federal agency or bureau
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As the Indian agent of New York had a log dwelling at the foot of the lake, however, it is not impossible that the appellation grew out of the meetings that were held at his council fires; the war drove off the agent, in common with the other officers of the crown; and his rude dwelling was soon abandoned.
A narrow entrance was flanked on either side by a row of brasses, ranging upwards from the shipbrokers and the solicitors who occupied the ground floors, through a long succession of West Indian agents, architects, surveyors, and brokers, to the firm of which they were in quest.
The 17 July verdict of the ICJ involving Indian agent Kulbhushan Jadhav's case is a landmark victory for Pakistan and her legal team as the Court verdict knocked out all remedies sought by India: the annulment of the military court decision convicting commander Jadhav, restricting Pakistan from executing the sentence, securing Jadhav's release and order his return to India.
Earlier, the Indian agent, who has been sentenced to a seven-year rigorous' imprisonment handed down to him in the Al-Azizia Steel Mills/Hill Metal Establishment reference, had threatened to abort the mission to destabilise Pakistan unless reinforcements were sent to make his bed.
In an interview, he said, 'Kulbhushan is an Indian agent and we have solid evidence about his involvement in terrorist activities in Pakistan.' He said, 'Pakistan's stance was not rejected in ICJ on the matter of Kulbushan as interim verdict of ICJ was not defeat or victory of any country.'
The Silver Man: The Life and Times of Indian Agent John Kinzie by Peter Shrake.
Prairie Man: The Struggle Between Sitting Bull and the Indian Agent James McLaughlin is a carefully researched and detailed historical scrutiny of a conflict not just between individuals, but also worldviews.
The Indian agent John Granger was standing next to her during a snowstorm when suddenly the heavens opened and a rainbow appeared.
Juliette lived there with her husband, John, who worked as an Indian agent at Fort Winnebago, one of Wisconsin's earliest settlements.
As per the new move, the companies will have to declare its authorised Indian agent and ensure that the person does not get commission for the said contract.
military officer, then an Indian agent. The brothers had continuing contact throughout their lives.

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