Indian fig

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Here, too, were to be found the prickly pear or Indian fig, a plant which loves a more southern climate.
Viewers entered the exhibition at the ncbs through a textile drop-down of the Indian Fig Tree, from The Great Herball (figure 2).
The plant produces juicy fruits that resemble figs; indeed it is often called the Indian Fig. Divide them now and you'll have plenty plants next year.
Trees particularly affected have been recently planted specimens of Ficus retusa (Indian fig), Azadirachta indica (Neem), and a species of Tabebuia.
In the southern village of Abba, the Lebanese Army and locals fought fires that destroyed olive groves and Indian fig fields.
Palo brea trees provide the shade, candelilla (native Southwest euphorbia) dot the grid of black pea gravel, and Indian fig (Opuntia) punctuates the decomposed granite.
The formulation incorporates the powers of Indian fig extract and vitamin C ester to stimulate cell renewal while brightening and evening discoloration plus glycolic, lactic and salicylic acids exfoliate to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles In addition, this service features two high performance treatment room products: Murad's Eye Lift Concentrate and Cooling Recovery Mask.
"The Indian Fig Trees at Coral Gables" begins the offering; predating Buddha, Mahavira, Christ, and Ponce de Leon, the poet, Shiva, is here with his consort, Urea.
I have noticed that certain specimens of Ficus retusa (Indian Fig) are struggling as well through lack of nutrients, particularly iron and nitrogen, for intense heat tends to cause nutrients to evaporate from the soil - leaving foliage a pale greenish-yellow.

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