Indian madder

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Noun1.Indian madder - perennial East Indian creeping or climbing herb used for dye in the orient
madderwort, rubiaceous plant - any of numerous trees or shrubs or vines of the family Rubiaceae
genus Rubia, Rubia - type genus of the Rubiaceae; Old World herbs and subshrubs grown for their medicinal properties and for dye substances extracted from their roots
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* Indian madder: It has antioxidant properties and helps clear the skin, free from blemishes.
The high reputation of the much sought-after cotton painted cloths of the Coromandel Coast was commonly attributed to the quality of the red dye from the root of the historic dye-yielding plant Oldenlandia umbellata Linn., Rubiaceae, (1) commonly known as Chay, chayaver (chaya/saya = colour, ver = root), or Indian Madder. Chay is also referred to as East Indian Madder and Ostindischer Krapp.
MUNJ (grass) + JEET (jet - variant) = MUNJEET (Indian madder)