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 (ə-chär′, ŭch′är′)
A condiment of South Asian origin typically made of fruits or vegetables pickled in oil, lemon juice or vinegar, salt, and spices.

[Hindi acār and Urdu ačār both from Persian āčār, pickle.]


a spicy pickle made from mango
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95), which was essentially the best cheese on toast you'll ever eat served with a chilli dressing and the greatest Indian pickle I've ever tasted, and the Mowgli slaw (PS1.
A spread of teacups and kettles and a row of ochre-andwhite Indian pickle jars were repaired in a similar fashion.
From the description, I was expecting a Mediterranean dip, but instead it was more like an Indian pickle with the amount of chilli drowning all the other flavours.
And the fiery Indian pickles and lamb vindaloo ($15.
Established in 1962, Nilon s managed by second-generation entrepreneur, Deepak Sanghavi, is the largest brand of Indian pickles and over the last fifity years has diversified its portfolio to categories of spices, instant mixes and cooking pastes, sauces and vermicelli/pasta.
Curry Cuisine was set up by Kenyan-born Prett Tejura to provide cookery courses and outside catering as well as selling Indian pickles and chutneys.
Jehad Al Sherawi, chief executive of the Al Muharraq Pickles Factory from Muharraq, had a range of Arabic and Indian pickles, natural vinegar and cheese in his cart and said: "I started my company 12 years ago with a capital of just BD20.
Also returning is Simtom, a manufacturer of Indian pickles and cooking sauces for retail, foodservice and industrial purposes.
In the Far East, it is teamed with chillies, ginger and coriander in fragrant curries, spicy stir fries and glorious Indian pickles.
The firm, run by Kenyan-born Prett Tejura, provides cookery courses and outside catering as well as selling Indian pickles and chutneys.