Indian pudding

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Indian pudding

n. New England
A pudding consisting of milk, cornmeal, egg, and molasses baked for several hours in a heavy casserole.

[So called because it is made with Indian meal.]
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In′dian pud′ding

a baked pudding of cornmeal, molasses, and milk.
[1715–25, Amer.]
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On the contrary, having always fed heartily on pumpkin-pies, doughnuts, Indian puddings, and other Puritan dainties, she was as round and plump as a pudding herself.
The country dinner will be served starting at 4 p.m., with fried chicken, unlimited corn on the cob, tomatoes, Indian pudding, ice cream and a drink.
Each chapter revolves around the themes raised by a particular meal and includes a recipe for such things as Indian pudding, pottage of chicken garnished with asparagus, okra soup, rum punch, and liquid laudanum.
I love Indian pudding and I never have a chance to eat it, so I knew before I even arrived that I was going to order it.
Indian pudding is New England's take on traditional Italian cornmeal pudding.
(Not an easily settled question.) "Clearly by the 1760s, with such distinct savoring at diverse points of the New England compass of Indian pudding, chowder, and johnnycake, Puritan temperance in diet, crossed with Yankee insistence on the value of local traditions, was modulating into a set of aesthetic and consumer preferences that amounted to a New England variation on the English theme of economy, neatness, and elegance blending harmoniously together." The answer was uniquely a New England answer.
I like savory pot roasts, flesh home made bread, a beans pot of baked beans and brown bread, Indian pudding and pies.
The dessert is apple galette (a free formed tart) and Indian pudding made of cornmeal, molasses and spices.
Homemade muffins accompany each meal, and Indian pudding with ice cream is offered for dessert.
When you announce to family or friends that Indian pudding is the main course for dinner, warn them not to get their hopes up for an early dessert.
There's also dessert - a selection of favorite New England items such as fresh strawberry shortcake with homemade whipped cream and biscuits ($4.99) and apple crisp, creme brulee, New England Indian pudding and, my choice for active de-stressing: chocolate lava cake ($5.25).
I made a mental note to skip a starter next time so I could taste the rasmalai - a traditional Indian pudding which is a reduced milk cake with saffron-flavoured milk.
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