Indian python

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Noun1.Indian python - very large python of southeast AsiaIndian python - very large python of southeast Asia
python - large Old World boas
genus Python - Old World boas
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What is the name of the Indian python in Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book?
History: The Indian python has been reported continuously in its range which was mentioned by the previous researchers, but its numbers have declined.
The animals, including hog dear and Indian python, were
The Burmese-Indian python DNA snakes are swarming wetlands and forests after the Indian python and Burmese python started breeding in the last 40 years.
|| TV botanist David Bellamy opened an exhibition, featuring live giant spiders, scorpions, an Indian python and a colony of leaf-eating tropical ants at Newcastle's Hancock Museum, January 1988
But, the album has engaging cuts that further boost its novel musical allure: With sass and class, Scarlett Johansson (who voices the Indian python, Kaa) sings Trust in Me, based on a show tune originally written by the Sherman Brothers for, but not used in, Mary Poppins.
Legal to Hunt: Indian python, Burmese python, reticulated python, Northern African/ rock python, Southern African python, amethystine python, scrub python, green anaconda and Nile monitor.
The area is known for a large fauna, including 260 species of birds, the Bengal tiger, estuarine crocodile and the Indian python.
First-time visitors are usually overwhelmed by the sheer number of waterfowl and waders which congregate to the shallow marshy lakes of Bharatpur, but few know that this national park also houses 13 species of snakes, including the Indian Python.
I've got about 40 animals and my favourite is probably Salem the Indian python. He is about 18 years old and I have had him for about 10 years now- he came to me as a rescue animal and was the one that got me interested in the whole rescue side of things.
KAA, the hungry Indian Python, hypnotises Mowgli into a deep sleep and tries to eat him, but comically fails.
The Indian python, for example, coils herself around her eggs and "shivers." This makes extra body heat, which helps keep the eggs warm.

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