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Noun1.Indian rupee - the basic unit of money in India; equal to 100 paise
Indian monetary unit - monetary unit in India
paisa - a fractional monetary unit in Bangladesh and India and Nepal and Pakistan
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She showed it to me, Watson, and it was an Indian rupee.
Dubai: The Indian rupee fell sharply against the US dollar on Tuesday to go past 72-a-dollar mark again.
Zakati pointed out that besides the Eid festivities, other factor that has pushed remittances higher to India is the record depreciation of Indian rupee against the US dollar.
The Indian rupee on Monday evening hit 19.27 vs the UAE dirham, falling further from 19.21 in the morning even as the Indian stock markets crashed.
The Indian rupee hovered around INR 183 for a single Omani Rial just four days ago, but after the exit polls during the current Lok Sabha elections in India reportedly show a victory for current Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Indian rupee has reflected sharp growth.
The total value of detected currency in Indian rupee has been estimated at Rs.
Mumbai: The real effective depreciation of Indian rupee, compared to December 2017, is between six and seven percent, says an IMF estimate.
An executive counts new 2000 Indian rupee notes at a bank in Srinagar.
After breaching the 71-mark against the US dollar, the Indian rupee slipped further through last week to trade at 71.95 against the dollar on Thursday even as its value against the Omani rial fell drastically to R185.76.
The Indian rupee lost value drastically as Asian markets tumbled.
Summary: Indian rupee stands at 18.37 against UAE dirham, but experts reckon it could fall even further
The case with Bhutan is different because Indian Rupee is a legal tender and the Bhutanese Ngultrum has been pegged at par to the Indian Rupee since its first issue in 1974.