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Noun1.Indian trail - a trail through the wilderness worn by AmerindiansIndian trail - a trail through the wilderness worn by Amerindians
trail - a path or track roughly blazed through wild or hilly country
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Indian Trail.- Rough Mountain Travelling.- Sufferings From Hunger and Thirst- Powder River.- Game in Abundance.-A Hunter's Paradise.- Mountain Peak Seen at a Great Distance.- One of the Bighorn Chain.- Rocky Mountains.- Extent.- Appearance.- Height.- The Great American Desert.- Various Characteristics of the Mountains.- Indian Superstitions Concerning Them.- Land of Souls.- Towns of the Free and Generous Spirits- Happy Hunting Grounds.
Magnificent scenery Wind River Mountains Treasury of waters A stray horse An Indian trail Trout streams The Great Green River Valley An alarm A band of trappers Fontenelle, his information Sufferings of thirst Encampment on the Seeds-ke- dee Strategy of rival traders Fortification of the camp The Blackfeet Banditti of the mountains Their character and habits
Two pit bulls attacked two men in Indian Trail, North Carolina, leaving one of them hospitalized on Thursday.
These include Harlows Crossing in Weddington, Edenton in Concord, Heritage in Indian Trail, Covington in Lancaster, Bretagne in Indian Land, and Ramsey's Glenn in Huntersville.
government appropriated $3,000 for the nation's second federal highway--US-12--to be laid out along the ancient Indian trail that spanned southern Michigan from Lake Erie to Lake Michigan.
On Thursday, David Waddell used the Klingon language to write his letter of resignation from the Indian Trail Town Council in North Carolina.
TearsandcheersforIndian there were tears and cheers in equal measure after the veteran Indian trail came late under Shirley teasdale to land the second division of the 5f handicap.
Gleave, 73, was found murdered in her Indian Trail home near Lynden by a family friend.
THIRSK: 1.35 Cono Zur, 2.05 Roger Sez, 2.40 The Snorer, 3.15 Mountain Cat, 3.50 Whozthecat, 4.25 Lucky Numbers, 5.00 Indian Trail, 5.35 Fine Crystal.
Indian Trail Road, the company said in a statement.
Home builder GL Homes is looking to make a land swap with Palm Beach County for the 4,984 acres it owns west of the Acreage, in an area known as Indian Trail Groves.

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