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the figure drawn by an engine indicator, by means of which the working of the engine can be investigated and its power calculated. The Illustration shows one form of indicator card, from a steam engine, together with scales by which the pressure of the steam above or below that of the atmosphere, corresponding to any position of the engine piston in its stroke, can be measured. Called also indicator diagram.

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"That's called an indicator card. Because it indicates I got it wrong."
Hygienists either monitor tip wear when the tip breaks (32%) or monthly (34%) and monitor tip wear using a wear indicator card (over 70%).
The indicator card is the relation curve between the load and the displacement of a sucker-rod pump in an intact suck cycle, in which x-axis represents displacement and y-axis represent load [6].
The company also included an indicator card behind a little glass window.
When you attach an indicating card to the stable, spinning mass that retains its orientation relative to the earth, and attach another indicator card to the gyro's case that's mounted solidly to an aircraft, you can see attitude changes in the difference between those two cards when the aircraft moves relative to the earth and the gyro doesn't.
Total Moisture Protection Packaging meets specific user requirements and typically includes a plastic or foil barrier bag, desiccant packs and a humidity indicator card. Featuring several color spots that change color based on RH exposure, the cards reveal whether package contents have been exposed to moisture and, if so, to what %RH.
Including a Humitector indicator card when shipping art, such as bronze statues and paintings, helps ensure shipments are protected during storage and transit, said officials.
- YOUR tyre tread should be checked once a month using a tread-wear indicator card. Also look for bulges, foreign objects and cracks
The humidity indicator card started out blue, but gradually changed to lavender and then to pink, finally becoming all white.