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Noun1.indigenous language - a language that originated in a specified place and was not brought to that place from elsewhere
language, linguistic communication - a systematic means of communicating by the use of sounds or conventional symbols; "he taught foreign languages"; "the language introduced is standard throughout the text"; "the speed with which a program can be executed depends on the language in which it is written"
substratum, substrate - an indigenous language that contributes features to the language of an invading people who impose their language on the indigenous population; "the Celtic languages of Britain are a substrate for English"
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Okombo, O and Rubgumya, C (1997) 'Synopsis of Research findings on Languages of instruction and their implication for Education Policies in Africa' in Abiodun Salawu 'Globalisation and Indigenous Language Media' Ibadan Journal of Humanistic Studies Nos.
Observers mourned the loss of another indigenous language, one of thousands that are expected to meet the same fate in the next 100 years.
Understanding the experiences of immigrants who speak an indigenous language may prove beneficial for teachers, students, policymakers, and others who want to understand the dynamics of the immigration of indigenous persons to the United States and the impact they have on American communities, especially the Latino community in the United States.
Anecdotal evidence shows that in graduate programs where people need to demonstrate proficiency in a second language, people who speak an indigenous language have had to struggle to get their languages accepted to fulfill that requirement.
The effort got underway because Ambassador-designate to Guatemala Stephen McFarland wanted to learn K'iche', the nation's indigenous language.
For the first time, people like Marisol Medina, a student at the Public University of El Alto, had a platform to communicate online, whether she was writing about her quest to learn the indigenous language of Aymara or the unfairness of boys throwing balloons at girls during carnival.
Tindo' is the word for sun in the indigenous language of the Kaurna people, and the vehicle's power will come from a solar photovoltaic system (PV) installed on the roof of the new Adelaide Central Bus Station.
There are a number of reasons for this, some to do with imperial arrogance, others to do with a lack of indigenous language competency.
has a greenlight to launch two regional indigenous language TV stations.
This is one of the classic manifestations of colonialist thinking: the attempt to marginalise the indigenous language with the excuse that it is ``unnecessary''.
All three hotels will open in 2005, says Cecilia Bibiloni, who is in charge of the Conevial projects, adding that the hotels will be named "Samana Huasi," which means "week of rest" in an indigenous language in Argentina.
Unlike many of Mexico's indigenous communities, they have successfully defended their culture against the homogenizing force of Mexican mestizaje--at least 85 percent of Juchitan's residents speak their indigenous language.

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