a.1.Making no difference; indiscriminative; impartial; as, indistinguishing liberalities.
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AgNOR is helpful in discriminating benign from malignant disease or indistinguishing between low and high grade malignancy.
Those wars still ablaze so violently and burn with their indistinguishing flames the children's dreams and their childhood," says the artist.
Rather he maintains a relationship to his indistinguishing im-potentiality.
The men of sense condemn these indistinguishing judgments though at the same time allow that each nation has a particular set of manners and some particular qualities are more frequently to be met with among one people than among other neighbours".
As artists, we see the indistinguishing overreach of copyright's control over almost all creative reuse to be a selective prohibition on modern art's evolution.
Indistinguishing endometrial cancer from benign pathology, volume measurements of the endometrium, obtainable only with three-dimensional ultrasound, may be more predictive of endometrial cancer than thickness measurements acquired with standard ultrasound.