n.1.A state of being not divided; oneness.
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Mais, ce faisant, lorsqu'il recourt au vehicule juridique de l'indivision a but durable (article 1030 C.c.Q.) ou a la servitude de conservation qui grevera son terrain, il ne renonce pas pour autant aux interets de sa propre descendance.
(9) Fray Luis utiliza aqui individuo para referirse a la naturaleza singularizada y no para significar la unidad o indivision en cuanto trascendental.
Baste lo dicho para suprimir asociaciones lineales entre indivision y ecosistemas.
Svoboda asserts that Aquinas's reflections share a common conception of unity, namely, that unity is "determined by the indivision of a given entity." Svoboda's discussion focuses primarily on Aquinas's argumentation, eschewing a detailed consideration of the ordering and development of the texts he draws from.
Her excursions to Eyri, described in rich, indeed atmospheric detail, explore the multisensory complexity opened up in a space that belongs to the indivision between materiality and nature, and also between a space of architecture and of atmosphere.