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1. A white crystalline compound, C8H7N, obtained from coal tar or various plants and produced by the bacterial decomposition of tryptophan in the intestine. It is used in perfumes and as a reagent.
2. Any of various derivatives of this compound.

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(ˈɪndəʊl) or


(Elements & Compounds) a white or yellowish crystalline heterocyclic compound extracted from coal tar and used in perfumery, medicine, and as a flavouring agent; 1-benzopyrrole. Formula: C8H7N
[C19: from ind(igo) + -ole1]
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(ˈɪn doʊl)

a colorless to yellowish solid, C8H7N, that has a low melting point and a fecal odor, is obtained from coal tar or from animal feces, and is used in perfumery and as a reagent.
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The characteristic peaks due to the NH proton of the indole ring and the amide proton CO-NH appear at 10.8 and 9.3 ppm, respectively.
However, running the reaction by 48 h did not improve the cyclization towards the indole ring but instead led to the partial degradation of 7 (Table 2, entry 2).
Compounds 3d-f, 3m-o, and 3s-x containing halogen atom at five positions of indole and a methyl group at another indole ring have shown moderate activity, whereas compounds 3g-i, 3p-r, and 3y-z have shown the least activity compared with the standard.
For 5-hydroxy-L-tryptophan, the docking pose which is also stable during 40 ns of MD simulation except for the hydroxyl group in the indole ring has a 180-degree shift after MD simulation.
Perhaps the indole ring of camalexin is derived from indole-3-glycerol phosphate group [28].
105[degrees]C; IR (KBr): 3419, 3159, 2980, 1700, 1674, 1593, 1465, 1060, 1091 [cm.sup.-1]; [sup.1]H NMR ([delta] ppm DMSO-[d.sub.6]): 1.23 (d, 3H, C[H.sub.3]), 2.00 (s, 2H, N[H.sub.2] of triazole ring), 3.67 (q, 1H, CH), 7.0 (s, 1H, N-H of triazole ring), 6.88-7.52 (m, 4H, aromatic), 8.0 (s, 1H, NH of indole ring), 11.0 (s, 1H, OH).
Fluvastatin has indole ring structure, while atorvastatin and rosuvastatin have pyrrole and pyrimidine based ring structure respectively.
[sup.1]H NMR in (DMSO-[d.sub.6]), [delta]: 2.18 (s, 3H, -C[H.sub.3]); 4.96 (s, 2H, -O-C[H.sub.2]-C[F.sub.3]); 5.50 (s, 2H, -N-C[H.sub.2]-pyridine ring); 6.4 (d, 1H, indole ring protons); 7.4 (d, 1H, 1H, indole ring protons); 6.96-7.30 (4H, Ar-H); 7.627.60 (d, 1H, pyridine-H); 8.30 (d, 2H, 1H, pyridine-H).
In the Kyn pathway, the indole ring of Trp can be opened by the enzymes tryptophan pyrrolase [tryptophan 2,3-dioxygenase and indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase (IDO)] (3).
Indeed, their studies showed, chemicals that posses a structure known as an indole ring -- including the essential amino acids L-tryptophan and L-proline -- provide "a more specific means of lowering the formation of mutagens" than had the antioxidants.
Compound 29 (IC50 = 1.9 +- 1.0 ug/mL) having indole ring as R, was found to be the most potent compound of this library which indicated that indole ring is important for the excellent activity.