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1. A white crystalline compound, C8H7N, obtained from coal tar or various plants and produced by the bacterial decomposition of tryptophan in the intestine. It is used in perfumes and as a reagent.
2. Any of various derivatives of this compound.


(ˈɪndəʊl) or


(Elements & Compounds) a white or yellowish crystalline heterocyclic compound extracted from coal tar and used in perfumery, medicine, and as a flavouring agent; 1-benzopyrrole. Formula: C8H7N
[C19: from ind(igo) + -ole1]


(ˈɪn doʊl)

a colorless to yellowish solid, C8H7N, that has a low melting point and a fecal odor, is obtained from coal tar or from animal feces, and is used in perfumery and as a reagent.
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Tenders are invited for supply of oleic acid godrej indolic grade
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