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n. pl. rupiah
See Table at currency.

[Hindi rupayā, rupiyā; see rupee.]


n, pl -ah or -ahs
(Currencies) the standard monetary unit of Indonesia, divided into 100 sen
[from Hindi: rupee]


(ruˈpi ə)

n., pl. -ah, -ahs.
the basic monetary unit of Indonesia.
[1945–50; see rupee]
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Noun1.rupiah - the basic unit of money in Indonesia; equal to 100 sen
sen - a fractional monetary unit of Japan and Indonesia and Cambodia; equal to one hundredth of a yen or rupiah or riel
Indonesian monetary unit - monetary unit in Indonesia
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It also said that weakness in the Chinese yuan will put the brakes on other currencies in the region, including the Indian rupee, Singapore dollar, Korean won, Indonesian rupiah, and the ringgit from sliding against the dollar.
The Philippine peso is followed by Indonesian Rupiah, Indian Rupee, and Japanese Yen at 3rd, 4th, and 5th places.
Data showed the Thai baht gained 4.27 percent to 30.95 to $1 from 32.26 to $1, while the Indonesian rupiah was the third best performing, appreciating by 2.
Sales of the Japanese yen are up 12 per cent this year so far compared with the same period a year earlier, while sales of the Indonesian rupiah have increased by nine per cent.
Jakarta: Fitch Ratings said the weakening Indonesian rupiah and higher yields have made offshore bond issuance a less viable option for Indonesian companies, which narrows their range of funding alternatives and could pose liquidity management challenges.
Other currencies which have weakened against sterling include the Icelandic krona, the Russian ruble and the Indonesian rupiah.
The Indonesian Rupiah has fallen to a new 20-year low, which has gotten attention with Indonesia being one of the emerging economies on the potential-currency-crisis worry list.
According to the latest data released on Tuesday, the Indian rupee, Indonesian rupiah and the Philippine peso are now the weakest among the currencies of the fast-growing economies in Asia.
While the Philippine peso has depreciated 8.5 percent against the US dollar, the Indonesian rupiah has depreciated 7 percent against the Philippine peso since June.
The Rupee is the worst performing among Asian currencies falling some 13 per cent since the beginning of the year compared with the Indonesian Rupiah which has fallen 10 per cent.
"We are trying to raise at least BD500 (about 20 million Indonesian rupiah)," said Perkibar head Aref Budiyanto.

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