v. t.1.See Endow.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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From Figure 16, we confirmed that the proposed system can accurately generate daily reports to some extent using RF-MFV (time window = 60 sec) and GBDT-MFV (time w indow = 50 sec).
To find the frequency content of the LDF signals, spectral analysis was performed using the Acknowledge software (Biopac Systems Inc., California, USA) with its remove trend and w indow ing "Blackman" functions.
Portlander Sam Pardue wasn't happy with that option, so the serial entrepreneur created the Indow window insert: a custom acrylic panel that fits into an existing interior window frame.
That's the beauty of the w indow. It's the month from hell.
indow "Even though they already have a great base to their squad, notably their young players such as Oscar, Juan Mata, ey e y h a, Ramires and Eden Hazard, I think they will be busy during the transfer window."
To mark National Heart Month the British Heart Foundation is asking people to write a note to their loved ones in their local BHF shop ws indow.
middle floor of the gh-gloss In the main lounge limestone fireplace p point and a huge 6ftx mirror reflects light aro from the large bay w Although the cushio rug are all in shades o Marie points out that change the accent c She said: "I always idea to have a neutra , a beautiful rovides a focal x4ft ornamental ound the room indow at the front.
But a chief executive suddenly walking out hints at ructions, which will only have been intensified by the Kirkby delay and this transfer indow hibernation - and the fact that Everton are still well and truly oversleeping.