Induced current

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It is well-known that EIT is a highly ill-posed problem, which means that the induced current can't be uniquely determined from Eq.
(5.) Kappenman, J., "Low-Frequency Protection Concepts for the Electric Power Grid: Geomagnetically Induced Current (GIC) and E3 HEMP Mitigation," Meta-R-322, Metatech, January 2010.
This EMF can reach several kilovolts in long-distance electric power transmission lines (PTL) of 400-500 km, and the quasi direct current, which is also called geomagnetically induced current (GIC), circulates in electric networks [9].
Keywords: Human model electric field magnetic field transmission line and induced current.
As there is a lack of induced current in those bars, the magnetic field will become gradually more asymmetrical, which will lead to local saturation in stator and rotor teeth near the broken bar and disproportional distribution of magnetic field in the air-gap [6].
However, the induced current of the solar cell can be considerably improved by coupling it to a CsI(Tl) scintillator.
The variations of the shear modulus were observed with increasing CIP volume fraction and induced current. The experimental results revealed that the maximum variation rate of the shear modulus was 76.3% for 40 vol% of CIP and an induced current of 4 A.
In this composite model due to the incident tapered electric field and the coupling scattering between the target and the rough surface, the induced current [J.sub.s] on the rough surface, electric current [J.sub.o] and magnetic current [K.sub.o] on the target surface can be driven and expressed as linear superposition of pulse basis functions
Ye et al., "Polarity inversion and coupling of laser beam induced current in as-doped long-wavelength HgCdTe infrared detector pixel arrays: experiment and simulation," Applied Physics Letters, vol.
Also, the system ground plane around the antenna ground has induced current caused by conduction.
The higher current density in one trace is offset by the reduction in net current in each trace due to the induced current and reduction in the net magnitude of current in the return path.