Induction pipe

a pipe, passageway, or valve, for leading or admitting a fluid to a receiver, as steam to an engine cylinder, or water to a pump.

See also: Induction

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Contract awarded for Sincheolwon early induction pipe renovation
To help assure that the driver doesn't miss out on the more visceral aspect of the engine, they've added an intake sound induction pipe that snakes into the cabin so that the power is heard as well as felt (the top speed-electronically limited--is 149 mph).
This little stormer boasts a super lightweight turbo charger and intercooler mounted on the induction pipe to cut turbo lag.
Runners-up: RS Industrial Services, Billingham; Induction Pipe Bending, Sunderland
There is the elegant symmetry to the induction pipe covers, the small plaque giving the name of the engineer who passed the engine in fine fettle but there isn't a plug lead in sight.
Bendco of Pasadena, TX, recently completed a 372-piece, 12-inch induction pipe bending job for three 70-mile pipeline segments being built in Mont Belvieu and Port Arthur, TX.
ESTABLISHED in June 2007, IPB Mechanical Testing is a subsidiary of Induction Pipe Bending UK Ltd and was initially commissioned to operate solely as an internal test house for the parent company.
Runner s-up: RS Industrial Services, Billingham; Induction Pipe Bending, Sunderland