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n. Symbol XElectricity
Opposition to the flow of alternating current caused by the inductance and capacitance in a circuit rather than by resistance.
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1. (Electronics) the opposition to the flow of alternating current by the capacitance or inductance of an electrical circuit; the imaginary part of the impedance Z, Z = R + iX, where R is the resistance, i = √–1, and X is the reactance. It is expressed in ohms. Compare resistance3
2. (General Physics) the opposition to the flow of an acoustic or mechanical vibration, usually due to inertia or stiffness. It is the magnitude of the imaginary part of the acoustic or mechanical impedance
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(riˈæk təns)

the opposition of inductance and capacitance to alternating electrical current, expressed in ohms. Symbol: X
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Noun1.reactance - opposition to the flow of electric current resulting from inductance and capacitance (rather than resistance)reactance - opposition to the flow of electric current resulting from inductance and capacitance (rather than resistance)
electrical phenomenon - a physical phenomenon involving electricity
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To compensate inductive reactance of the excitation winding is possible by sequentially switching capacitors [6, 7], but SSM start with capacitors in the excitation winding requires thorough research as an unfortunate choice of their capacitance values can lower starting electromagnetic torque [2, 5].
[summation]x--is the total inrush inductive reactance of electric motor and feeding power supply and electric line.
The positive input reactance is due to the inductive feed region design and the capacitive loading of soldered cable across the input terminal compensates this inductive reactance.
When two operating frequency bands are close to each other and the ratio of [C.sub.3] to [C.sub.8] is small, the inductive reactance of the low-frequency portion drops and the dual-matching results deteriorate.
It can be explained as follows: the vertical part of the L-probe feeds will generate inductive reactance. With this vertical part rising, the inductive reactance becomes larger, resulting the mismatch of the input impedance.
The slot line also acts like an inductive reactance. In order to compensate of the inductive reactance, the tuning stub acted like a capacitive reactance is joined to form an open transmission line.
On the contrary, inductive reactance arc in the low frequency is absent in the EIS spectroscopy of aluminum-magnesium alloy through transformation processing.
Among the topics are inductance and inductive reactance, series circuit, alternative current parallel circuits, and fluorescent lighting.
The 2-m spacing stems from the inductive reactance of the down conductor and the earth terminal resistance, especially for fresh water.