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Noun1.chemical industry - the manufacturers of chemicals considered collectivelychemical industry - the manufacturers of chemicals considered collectively
industry - the people or companies engaged in a particular kind of commercial enterprise; "each industry has its own trade publications"
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chimica industriale
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Nimir Industrial Chemicals Limited manufactures and sells industrial chemical products in Pakistan.
Third, the Faisalabad district is expected to naturally attract processed food and beverages, plastic products, and to an extent industrial chemical manufacturing industries once the M-3 gets completed and becomes fully operational.
18 -- Sri Lanka has kicked off its first ever industrial chemical technical sessions on 17 December-and a top team from the Hague's (Netherlands) OPCW- which conducted widely publicized Syrian chemical weapon inspections in October 2013-is here to upgrade Sri Lanka's industrial chemical expertise to the next level.
As exclusive distributors of CUT-MASTER Diamond Tools, BladesDirect.Net offers world-class customer service and fast turnaround times for its diamond tools, equipment, and industrial chemical orders.
Hong Kong's two main supermarket chains are removing milk powder made by Swiss food giant Nestle from their shelves after a newspaper reported it contains the industrial chemical melamine.
The award, which recognizes outstanding contributions to industrial chemical research in North America, will be presented at the 231 st ACS national meeting in Atlanta in March 2006.
(TSE: 8053) and its pharmaceutical and industrial chemical subsidiary Summit Medi-Chem have signed an exclusive sales agreement with Italian venture company ACTA SpA.
Benzene is an industrial chemical used to produce a wide range of plastics (polystyrene, nylon), detergents and other chemicals.
Gatekeeper[TM] is an automated software system developed for industrial chemical management that enables users to route and track chemical requests, approvals, and purchase; manage inventory and logistics; and screen chemicals against a built-in library of government and health/safety data.
Based on information, nuclear power plants and industrial chemical plants remain viable targets." (This article looks at security in the chemical industry.)
Sri Lanka has now a better chance of attracting industrial investments from foreign investors for large scale industrial chemical ventures thanks to the chemical regulatory and monitoring regime now in place.

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