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Noun1.industrialisation - the development of industry on an extensive scale
manufacture, industry - the organized action of making of goods and services for sale; "American industry is making increased use of computers to control production"
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(ˈindəstri) plural ˈindustries noun
1. (any part of) the business of producing or making goods. the ship-building industry; The government should invest more money in industry.
2. hard work or effort. He owed his success to both ability and industry.
inˈdustrial (-ˈdas) adjective
having, concerning etc industries or the making of goods. That area of the country is industrial rather than agricultural.
inˈdustrialist (-ˈdas-) noun
a person who takes part in the running of a large industrial organization. a wealthy industrialist.
inˈdustrialized, inˈdustrialised (-ˈdas) adjective
(of a country) having a large number of industries.
inˌdustrialiˈzation, inˌdustrialiˈsation noun
inˈdustrious (-ˈdas-) adjective
busy and hard-working. industrious pupils.
industrial estate
an area of a town etc set aside for (the building of) factories.
industrial relations
the relationship between the management and the workers in a factory etc.
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The price of an industrialized society has come at the cost of human health, and in some cases, human lives.
The finance minister said Pakistan missed the early opportunity of industrialization in which world moved from agrarian society to industrialized society. However, now in the new ages of digitization is focused, both government and private sector should play their role of innovators for leap frog growth.
"I cannot pretend to live in a highly progressive industrialized society. This country is a long way from there." His illustrious artistic career spanning decades notwithstanding, Delotavo continues to evolve.
"In our modern industrialized society, artificial lighting is nearly ubiquitous.
Central in the contributions is green space that has been "actively-protected, managed, and in some cases restored" (Benedict and McMahon, 2006:2), which make them enlighten the opportunities and innovative arrangements we might think of in order to diminish the risk and vulnerability of social groups in our industrialized society (Bock, 2013), both in urban and rural areas.
Turner makes statements about the exhilaration and anxiety of modern industrialized society by using found objects, welded steel and re-purposed consumer items.
Contemporary life in an industrialized society provides very few impediments to rampant gorging and hoarding and quite a few prompts.
Hadler, professor of medicine at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, insisted on calling the condition "regional joint pain." Calling it osteoarthritis reflected the over-medicalization that modern industrialized society imposes on ubiquitous conditions that shouldn't really qualify as bona fide disorders, he said.
Industrialized society at its best and worst exists only in a precarious balance.
As more information becomes available about the long-term effects of environmental degradation caused by our industrialized society, governments and industry associations worldwide will be forced to start taking increasingly proactive measures to help protect the future of our planet and its inhabitants.