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Noun1.industrialisation - the development of industry on an extensive scale
manufacture, industry - the organized action of making of goods and services for sale; "American industry is making increased use of computers to control production"


(ˈindəstri) plural ˈindustries noun
1. (any part of) the business of producing or making goods. the ship-building industry; The government should invest more money in industry.
2. hard work or effort. He owed his success to both ability and industry.
inˈdustrial (-ˈdas) adjective
having, concerning etc industries or the making of goods. That area of the country is industrial rather than agricultural.
inˈdustrialist (-ˈdas-) noun
a person who takes part in the running of a large industrial organization. a wealthy industrialist.
inˈdustrialized, inˈdustrialised (-ˈdas) adjective
(of a country) having a large number of industries.
inˌdustrialiˈzation, inˌdustrialiˈsation noun
inˈdustrious (-ˈdas-) adjective
busy and hard-working. industrious pupils.
industrial estate
an area of a town etc set aside for (the building of) factories.
industrial relations
the relationship between the management and the workers in a factory etc.
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However, hundreds of millions could die from the effects of disrupting the fragile infrastructure needed to support life in an industrialized society.
Long haul trucks are an essential element of the transportation mix of modern, industrialized society.
Turner makes statements about the exhilaration and anxiety of modern industrialized society by using found objects, welded steel and re-purposed consumer items.
Contemporary life in an industrialized society provides very few impediments to rampant gorging and hoarding and quite a few prompts.
Calling it osteoarthritis reflected the over-medicalization that modern industrialized society imposes on ubiquitous conditions that shouldn't really qualify as bona fide disorders, he said.
Otherwise, the rapid and fundamental transformation of the country from a largely agrarian to an ultra-modern industrialized society could not proceed without destabilizing the system.
Contianing portions of Eastman's five most important books, this volume describes Indian life in general as well as Eastman's own life, in which he tried to balance traditional Indian values and the demands of an industrialized society.
The study report further states that Darwin was not aware of the fact that appendicitis, also known as inflammation of the appendix, is not due to a faulty appendix, but rather due to cultural changes associated with industrialized society and improved sanitation.
At least part of the problem can be traced back to the difference between considering the festival in the context of contemporary industrialized society, and in its original sense in the "primitive" societies based upon gift exchange and reciprocity, as studied by anthropologists such as Mauss and Durkheim.
The ancient analogies of Jesus as both the Good Shepherd and the exalted lamb, plus the description of church leaders as shepherds and congregations as their sheep, have become trite in our industrialized society.
In contrast to the widely held view that modern art in this country evolved from Parisian experimentation and New York urbanism in the context of an industrialized society, Neff argues that the vast emptiness and flatness of the western landscape along with an embrace of primitivism represented by American Indian cultures are responsible for a truly modern aesthetic.
But contrary to a certain kind of ecological enthusiast (there are conservatives, if not many Republicans, in this category), nature was not benign or even very stable prior to modern industrialized society.