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1. Not producing the desired effect: an ineffectual treatment for indigestion. See Synonyms at futile.
2. Lacking forcefulness or effectiveness; inadequate or incompetent: an ineffectual ruler; ineffectual in dealing with a problem.

in′ef·fec′tu·al′i·ty (-ăl′ĭ-tē), in′ef·fec′tu·al·ness n.
in′ef·fec′tu·al·ly adv.
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Noun1.ineffectualness - lacking the power to be effective
impotence, impotency, powerlessness - the quality of lacking strength or power; being weak and feeble
inefficaciousness, inefficacy - a lack of efficacy
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The condition or state of being incapable of accomplishing or effecting anything:
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عدَم فَعاليّه ، عَدَم نَجاعَه
gagnsleysi; dugleysi


(iniˈfektʃuəl) adjective
1. not producing any result or the desired result. His attempts to keep order in the classroom were quite ineffectual.
2. (of a person) not confident or able to lead people; not able to get things done. an ineffectual teacher.
ˌinefˈfectualness noun
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A state like this would ever be exposed to the invasions of those who were powerful and inclined to attack it; but, as has been already mentioned, its situation preserves it, as it is free from the inroads of foreigners; and for this reason the family slaves still remain quiet at Crete, while the Helots are perpetually revolting: for the Cretans take no part in foreign affairs, and it is but lately that any foreign troops have made an attack upon the island; and their ravages soon proved the ineffectualness of their laws.
Meanwhile acquaintance with Carlyle had combined with experience to convince him of the comparative ineffectualness of mere art-criticism as a social and religious force.
With trademark ineffectualness, he allowed Theresa May to steal his thunder by gifting No10 the opportunity to announce he was off before Johnson was ready to go.
The government then appointed Dineshwar Sharma interlocutor to try and suggest ways to bring down the temperature, but his limited limited his mandate the point of ineffectualness.From the outset it has been clear that the Modi team has been somewhat thin on talent.
were eventually dissolved because of their slowness and ineffectualness.
Unless the artist wants to inculcate a sense of life characterized by ineffectualness, he will resolve the situation or conflict.
The ineffectualness of the UN can also be witnessed in the year 1999.
Melenchon derided Hollande's ineffectualness even more pointedly by describing him as 'the captain of a pedalo in the hurricane season'.
Another segment says that competition is bad; that it pits one person against another and is therefore divisive; that it leads to enmity between people and therefore to a lack of cooperation and eventual ineffectualness ....
As provincial of the Argentinian Province of the Society of Jesus, Bergoglio had to learn how to deal and negotiate with various authorities to protect his Jesuit brothers and others who were marginalized during the "Dirty War." Bergoglio himself experienced what it meant to live at the margins of society when he faced controversial claims surrounding his position in a passive ecclesial structure and thus his ineffectualness during this period and during his sojourn in Germany.
That Al and Max have little trepidation in killing Ole Andreson, and George, Nick, and Sam, too, if they need to dispose of witnesses--why else does Al tell George he has "a lot of luck" (285)--speaks to the power of organized crime at the time and the ineffectualness of the law.
Proponents of the critique have offered various types of empirical evidence purporting to support their point of view and the ineffectualness of zoning.