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a.1.Unequal; uneven; various.
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To what extent are formal barriers to MOOC participation inequal for underprivileged and privileged groups?
Once again, it was recognized that the benefits of any economic advances and technological progress was inequal in the majority of countries.
With regard to integrated housing, the participants drew their observations from their lived experience of voluntary integration and mutual bicultural respect rather than the inequal 'pepper potting' urbanization imposed by government following World War Two in an attempt to speed up the assimilation of Maori into Pakeha culture (Hill, 2012).
It shows problems caused by our inequal society put a huge dent in the public finances, not to mention the strain and stress it places on those who struggle to make ends meet.
He said: "Without a national redistribution mechanism, areas with low tax yields will fair badly and inequal ity will be entrenched.
Liise Lehtsalu's material on Bologna exemplified the inequal environmental burden on the residents of early modern Bologna.
Again, here, presence of stressful life events with advanced age and the inequal status of women in the community seem to be related with increased somatoform disorders in women in this age group (37,38).