Reaction wheel

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roue de réaction
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Among specific topics are a survey of three-dimensional face modeling, toward improving content-based image retrieval systems by detecting text, a comparison of low-cost real-time processing platforms for developing small unmanned aerial vehicles avionics, modeling and constructing an inertia wheel pendulum test-bed, a low-pass pulsed excitation and method for measuring polarization resistance, and analyzing a town's water distribution system.
The jumping hour and retrograding minutes are still commanded by the ingenious patented HL mechanism, which combines the slide-bar's translation, driven by retraction of the snail's feeler-spindle, with a gold inertia-block that acts as an inertia wheel providing the energy required to make the disc jump.
For this purpose, a new experimental setup based on the Charpy technique (the inertia wheel) was used to characterize the impact resistance of structural adhesive joints ([Mathematical Expression Omitted] to [10.sup.4] [s.sup.-1]) under shear loading.