n.1.Lack of activity or exertion; inertness; quietude.
These vicissitudes of exertion and inertion of the arterial system constitute the paroxysms of remittent fever.
- E. Darwin.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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They concluded that there was no significant difference between I-Gel and PLMA in terms of ease of inertion. (9) In our study, the average time required for insertion for PLMA was 14.39 seconds and I-Gel 12.13 seconds, though the number of 1st attempt success rates were similar in both the groups.
Europe, we see more use of nitrogen inertion to safeguard improved cure and lower migratables."
Various options of the FCI are available tailored to suit customer requirements including air handling systems, CIP system, Filtration and Rapid Transfer Ports, Nitrogen inertion, Flexible glove port configuration and hazardous area systems.
Ideal stent characteristics are easy insertion, completely internale placement, resistance to migration, easy removing, radio-opacity, biological inertion, and chemical stability, resistance to encrustations, non-refluxing, excellent flow characteristics and reasonable price.1,4
The "no-touch" method of intermittent urinary catheter inertion. Can it reduce the risk of bacteria entering the bladder?