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a.1.Not evident; not clear or obvious; obscure.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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But (h) those Learned Observing Philosophers altho they (i) here and there mention some few of these common notions, yet none have proceeded so farr as to give us a perfect Catalogue thereof; And those moderne writers that have attempted it (a) have either rested in very few and those very generall, and those that have attempted to give them more particularly and explicitely, have but made up certaine Conclusions finely (b) spun by Speculation, which either the generality of Mankind can never expect to undergo, and nor never (c) did they come into their minds, and with the same labour and subtilty that they have spun out these they might deduce a thousand more equally evident or inevident with those they have enumerated, And therefore tho it may be true that the consequences /fol.
Bleeding usually happens from endoscopically evident rectal varices (EERV) but sometimes bleed can occur from varices, which are endoscopically inevident (EIERV).
The detection of endoscopically inevident RVs was possible only by EUS in two cases, and potentially hazardous application of endoclips or coagulation methods on a bleeding point was avoided [1,6, 7,12].
Sharara, "Recurrent massive haemorrhage from an endoscopically inevident isolated rectal varix," Digestive and Liver Disease, vol.
And according to these various states and textures of actions to be done or omitted, the decisions are more difficult and inevident, and the variety of Mens Judgments give different Theorys and make different Conclusions touching them: And therefore to settle and determine these (r) is required much exercise of the reasoning faculty, much Judgment and advertence which doth not so commonly fall under ordinary Capacities, this we may easily perceive in the curious and subtile Works of Many Writers of Morall Philosophy and in the (a) Schoolmen (b) and Casuists of this and /fol.