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n.1.The state or quality of being inexpressive.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Newman had already learned that her strange inexpressiveness could be a vehicle for emotion, and he was not surprised at the muffled vivacity with which she whispered, "I thought you would try again, sir.
As Archer listened, his sense of inadequacy and inexpressiveness increased.
That little cry of distress quite genuine in its inexpressiveness, altered my feeling towards Mrs.
The social instincts that develop organically in most people are in me replaced with artificially constructed rules applied with rigorous logic." While others interpret his inexpressiveness as coldness, Ortiz likens the isolation of autism to living in a soundproof glass box, where one peers into a world in which relationships are simply inaccessible.
In Utterson's priceless inexpressiveness, the narrator finds an incontrovertible sign of "catholicity of good nature" that must be understood with all the connotations of religion.
The crucial significance of Watten, Hejinian and Silliman's avant-garde position was underscored by sharing these basic formal presumptions, which were inevitably linked to Watten's recurrent fascination for "[a] language that was primarily not about itself, but about [...] [t]he unutterable inexpressiveness of that not" (Watten 2008, 78; emphasis in the original).
Parkinson's disease (PD) is a common, progressive and incurable neurodegenerative disease with an unknown etiology, whose main symptoms include motor alterations such as shaking, an abnormal increase in muscle tone, bradykinesia, postural instability, impaired balance and walking, and emotional inexpressiveness [1-6].
Vote splitting is a huge issue with plurality voting, largely because of this voting method's inexpressiveness. If there are a number of similar candidates that you like, our plurality voting method does not give you the option to support more than one of them.
(Leger's response, as Bois reports it, was to urge Kelly to "go back to Boston and blow his bugle"--as if in rejection of precisely this deliberate inexpressiveness.) And yet a sense of withdrawal is equally strong.
* Inexpressiveness and Independence--"The sturdy oak"
Identifying my own masculinity within ethnographic text and using methodological devices which focus on embodiment and emotions gives me the chance to challenge the representation of "rational man" and the "macho ethics" of male researchers who "discover", "conquer", who are "systematic" or "rigorous", playing the role of the inexpressiveness and emotionlessness (Kanter, 1977).
Interestingly, the phrase "smile everyday" can be found on the roof of a house, while the "windows" and doors of this house are constituted by a popular symbol among adolescents that characterizes a psychological state of deadlock and inexpressiveness. Noteworthy also is the addition of two stars as new elements in the sky.