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n. pl. bur·sae (-sē) or bur·sas
A sac or saclike bodily cavity, especially one containing a viscous lubricating fluid and located between a tendon and a bone or at points of friction between moving structures.

[Late Latin, purse, pouch, from Greek, skin, wineskin.]

bur′sal adj.


 (bûr′sə, bo͝or-sä′)
A city of northwest Turkey west of Ankara. It dates from the third century bc and was a capital of the Ottoman Turks in the 1300s.
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Adj.1.bursal - relating to or affecting a bursa
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Embryo infectious dose 50 (EID 50) of isolated field infectious bursal disease virus was estimated (Camilotti et al.
The vaccine against infectious bursal disease of birds live dry.
An optimized, highly efficient, self-assembled, subvirus-like particle of infectious bursal disease virus (IBDV).
2012) who conducted trials and reported highest indirect hemagglutination inhibition (IHA) antibody titer ie 941 against infectious bursal disease virus (IBDV) observed on day 3 in the serum of birds in group P150 (Protexin at a higher dose and no cyclophosphamide treatment), followed by an antibody titer of 832 in group P50 (Protexin at the recommended dose and no cyclophosphamide treatment).
The present outbreak of Infectious Bursal Disease occurred in a private farm GB Palem (V), Tenali (Md.
Differential diagnosis with Infectious Bursal Disease caused by classical or hypervirulent strains, was established in our cases based on previous vaccination history and low mortality, together with the absence of other typical macroscopic findings like oedematous, haemorrhagic or atrophic bursae, haemorrhagic carcass muscles, nephritis, and/or abundant intestinal mucous content (TESSARI et al.
Infectious bursal disease is one of the most economically important diseases that affects commercially produced chickens worldwide [1, 7, 8].
Genetic Characterization of Very Virulent Infectious Bursal Disease Viruses from Latin America".
A double antibody sandwich ELISA for rapid diagnosis of virus infection and to measure the humoral response against infectious bursal disease on clinical material.
D), Infectious bursal disease (Gumboro) and Hydropericardium syndrome disease (HPS) respectively.
Hemolymphatic system diseases (n = 628) were lymphoproliferative diseases, infectious bursal disease and bursal cryptosporidiosis.
The characterization and molecular cloning of the double-stranded RNA genome of an Australian strain of infectious bursal disease virus.

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