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n. infecundidad, esterilidad.
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The second category includes conception variables which include fecundity or infecundity, used and non-used of contraception and fecundity or infecundity by voluntarily reasons (sterilization or health treatment etc.).
Jeanne's infecundity does not give her the space to develop personally that Scudery recommended for women in her day.
The meta-analysis was performed in accordance with PRISMA guidelines.[sup][34] We conducted a comprehensive literature search of the databases PubMed, EMBASE, China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI), and Wanfang (updated as of September 10, 2016) for case-control studies evaluating the relationship between GSTP1 Ile105Val and male infertility, using a combination of the following search terms: (glutathione S-transferase P1 or GSTP1 or GSTP1 Ile105Val or A313G or rs1695) plus (polymorphism[s] or SNP[s] or variation or genotype[s]) plus (infertility or sterility or infecundity or sterile) plus (male or men).
(31) I suggest here, instead, that Whitman's apostrophic incantations invoke a procreative, active, and solvent union made up of generations of "poets to come" (108) (32)--a procreativity that Moxley's O(rality) necessarily obviates in its passivity, infecundity, and dissolving impotency.
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While the Conference expressed "its appreciation of the Pope's deep concern for the institution of marriage and the integrity of married life," it rejected the encyclical's conclusion "that all methods of conception control other than abstinence from sexual intercourse or its confinement to the periods of infecundity are contrary to the 'order established by God'." (86) No reasons for this rejection are given.
(2) Malespini believes that his society was facing a period of literary infecundity: in particular, he asserts the need for more comic tales.
First, they performed period analyses to assess changes in the prevalence of the categories among women in each five-year age-group (e.g., whether the prevalence of contraceptive use, unmet need, no need and infecundity among 20-24-year-olds in a country's first survey differed from the prevalence among 20-24-year olds in subsequent surveys).
In the final decades of his life, after a "middle period" of relative infecundity and some extended periods of convalescence in sanatoria for tuberculosis, he turned his attention to the production of a series of loosely connected poems, returning to many of the themes of his earlier works, this time from the perspective of his autumn years and not his salad days.
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