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Noun1.inferior alveolar artery - the alveolar artery that goes through the mandibular canal to supply the lower teeth
alveolar artery, arteria alveolaris - a branch of the maxillary artery that supplies the alveolar process
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Lesion of inferior alveolar nerve always occurs in the case of mandibular angle fracture.
On presentation, a firm, 2 x 1 x 1-cm polypoid, mucosalized mass with a broad-based stalk was attached in the midline to the apex of the inferior alveolar ridge (figure 1).
Haas conducted a 21-year retrospective study of paresthesia of the lingual and inferior alveolar nerves after mandibular block injections and restorative procedures (no surgery).
Neurosensory function of the inferior alveolar nerve alter bilateral sagittal ramus osteotomy: a retrospective study of 68 patients.
Studies have shown that the mandibular bone in ORN patients, when compared to irradiated but nonosteoradionecrotic bone and to nonradiated bone, suggests that the inferior alveolar artery was obliterated or damaged to the extent that ischemia (low oxygen supply) occurred in the tissues in the area of distribution.
Dental Nerve Block Injection Simulator, which teaches dental residents how to perform an inferior alveolar nerve (IAN) block - one of the most common but more difficult dental injections, since the exact location for the injection must be identified by nearby anatomical landmarks, and with a restricted range of sight.
The artery in the RMC is the branch of inferior alveolar artery and the nerve derived from the inferior alveolar nerve (Kodera & Hashimoto, 1995; Capote et al.
The conventional inferior alveolar nerve block is the most commonly used nerve block technique.
An endodontic access opening was made using rubber dam isolation under local anesthesia that consisted of inferior alveolar nerve block and buccal infiltration by 2% lignocaine with 1:2,00,000 epinephrine.
In this case report, a patient with an infratemporal fossa infection presenting with an unusual symptom of inferior alveolar nerve involvement is presented.
Size of the sympheseal graft is limited by roots of the mandibular anterior teeth and the pogonion, while the primary limitation of the ramus graft is the inferior alveolar nerve canal.
Tooth related factors include existing infection (pericoronitis), type of impaction, depth of impaction, relationship to inferior alveolar nerve, density of surrounding bone and associated pathology like cyst or neoplasm (8).