inferior colliculus

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Noun1.inferior colliculus - an essential auditory center in the midbrain
nerve center, nerve centre, center, centre - a cluster of nerve cells governing a specific bodily process; "in most people the speech center is in the left hemisphere"
mesencephalon, midbrain - the middle portion of the brain
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[38] used DTI-based probabilistic fiber tracking to assess white matter tracts connecting the inferior colliculi (IC), auditory cortices (ACx), and amygdalae (AM) in 15 tinnitus patients and 10 control participants, matched for age.
Classically in Wernicke encephalopathy prominent involvement of inferior colliculi and periaqueductal area are seen in diffusion weighted images(DWI).
To do this, axons in the fascicular portion of the 4th nerve first travel in a posterior direction (ie opposite to the location of the orbit) around the edge of the PAG to emerge from the brainstem further posteriorly behind the inferior colliculi, having crossed the midline within the superior medullary velum, a thin sheet of tissue forming the superior border of the 4th ventricle between the upper pons and cerebellum.

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