Infiltration gallery

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a filter gallery.

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The Los Cerritos Channel Sub-Basin 4 Stormwater Capture Facility, notes Mike Bubalo Construction Vice President Dave Sorem, "Takes in 166 cubic feet per second through the transition structure, then into two hydrodynamic separators, then into an infiltration gallery. I don't know of any other system that could do that."
Typhoon Seniang in December last year caused BCWD to lose 40 percent of its capacity with a suspected act of sabotage causing sand and debris to clog its infiltration gallery in the Taguibo River.
The treated groundwater will be discharged below ground at the Site via an infiltration gallery. Residual sludge generated from the treatment process will be transported off-site for proper disposal.
He said that an undetected "lens" of water or a groundwater source was responsible for the problem and that overflow from a nearby infiltration gallery and stormwater pond might also be making the problem worse.
In addition to the infiltration gallery, the empirical study will test a number of other BMPs including wetlands, ponds and riparian buffers and use the findings to develop improved stormwater management planning and techniques for Southeastern Pennsylvania.
Type 3 consists of screen arrays buried under the bed of the water source as part of a filter bed or infiltration gallery.