infinite regress

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n.1.(Philosophy, Logic) A causal relationship transmitted through an indefinite number of terms in a series, with no term that begins the causal chain.
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Edmond writes of an infinite regression of memory within memory which "discloses not a cloudy nothing but an everything, which we still cannot name".
Thus epistemology entails an infinite regression of causality, making it impossible to identify an "uncaused cause.
One could play an infinite regression game without explaining why the merely possible existence existed.
Well, that's an infinite regression, never arriving at zero, never thunking into the tree.
and that can only be solved by finding a way to rule out the infinite regression of metastatements.
This is more than a tongue twister, a mind game, or a call for an infinite regression of ethical assessments.
As such, it is an infinite regression, rather like a never-ending stack of Russian dolls.
For Dawkins all attempts to posit a divine Creator lead to the question of who or what created "him," and so on, in an infinite regression.
Of the three possible solutions (rejecting the renvoi, single renvoi and double renvoi), the majority adopted the double renvoi approach without committing itself to doing so in all cases, and without suggesting any solution to the problem of infinite regression, which arises when both the lex causae and the lex fori use the double renvoi approach.
It is as if the scene is reflected, re-reflected and re-re-reflected again and again, in what art historians call a mise en abyme--a kind of infinite regression in which a picture contains a picture of itself, which in turn contains a picture of itself.
Admittedly there is the danger of an infinite regression, in which interpretation of Marlowe's plays and understanding of his character validate one another.
To appreciate Dawidoff's handling of the subject, one can imagine how a hard-core deconstructionist might have played with these binaries, pursuing them into infinite regression, multiplying the ironies to the point of meaninglessness.