Inflammable air

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the old chemical name for hydrogen.

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A decisive advance was made by Joseph Black in 1756 In his studies of alkaline substances like lime, magnesia, and chalk he was the first to succeed in isolating and identifying a gas, which he called fixed air (carbon dioxide) He showed that fixed air was also produced in respiration, fermentation, and the burning of charcoal Ten years later, Henry Cavendish isolated inflammable air (hydrogen) and differentiated it from Black s fixed air.
Lavoisier and his colleagues exploded a mixture of inflammable air and dephlogisticated air and determined that the resulting liquid was pure water.
Clemson from his cloth manufactory at the Strand in London, "on the shortest Notice, and most reduced Prices, and which he warrants Air-Proof: If the Purchaser chooses may have them filled with inflammable Air, ready for immediate Experiment .