a.1.Unlucky; unfortunate.
"A most infortunate chance."
- Howell.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
Nay rather, vindictive persons live the life of witches; who, as they are mischievous, so end they infortunate.
The islands are shown on it as a binary group on the tropic of Capricorn and they are called insule infortunate (unfortunate islands).
Nay rather, vindictive persons live the life of witches; who, as they are mischievous, so end they infortunate" (2002,348).
This marriage semed to many, bothe infortunate, and unprofitable to the realme of England, and that for many causes ...
The Seconde Part of the Mirrour for Magistrates, like Gorboduc, is a text directly concerning political downfall, 'conteining the falles of the infortunate Princes of this Lande'.
But when these newes wer first brought to the infortunate mother of the dead children yet being in sanctuary, no doubte but it strake to her harte, like the sharpe darte of death: for when she was first enformed of the murther of her.
And also up to their neck in it - literally-is the infortunate estate agent whom Jimmy is showing round the new development, after an accident with a muck-spreader.
Fogleman, "From Slaves, Convicts, and Servants to Free Passengers: the Transformation of Immigration in the Era of the American Revolution," Journal of American History 85 (1998), 43-76; The Infortunate: The Voyage and Adventures of William Moraley, an Indentured Servant, Susan E.
(19) I toponimi possono essere anche descrittivi in rapporto a caratteristiche del luogo "Chiamai questa punta 'dell'Arenile'; " "una punta che chiamai 'dell'Ago'," "chiamai questo luogo 'Giardini', perche e il nome piu adatto"; (20) "In questi tre mesi e vinti giorni andasemo circa de quatro millia legue in un golfo per questo Mar Pacifico (in vero e benne pacifico, perche in questo tempo non avessemo fortuna) sensa vedere tera alcuna si non due isolote desabitate, nelle qual non trovassemo altro se non ucelli e arbori: la chiamssemo Isolle Infortunate" (Pigafetta 547).
Headded:"Idoregretthatthere wasadisclosureofidentities because, at the end of the day,they areleftwith thatstain and that will undoubtedly exist in the community and that infortunate." Duringher10daysofevidencethe girlinsistedshewastellingthe truth.
The title of the Elstride tragedy indicates the direction the representation of women in this tradition was now taking: `Elstride the concubine of Locrinus myserably drowned by Gwendoline his wyfe, declares her presumption, lewde life and infortunate fall" (2:87).