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a. infraclavicular, localizado debajo de la clavícula.
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1) In paediatric patients, the optimal injection site for the infraclavicular approach (ICA) to the brachial plexus is still a subject for debate.
Each patient received bilateral infraclavicular blocks using a 20 ml mixture of lignocaine, adrenaline (1:200,000) and sodium bicarbonate on each side.
Increasingly more data are being published at the present time suggesting higher efficacy and safety with the use of US-guided nerve blocks, (7,8) specifically for interscalene, (9,10) supraclavicular, (11) infraclavicular, (12,13) axillary, (14-16) femoral, (17) and sciatic popliteal (17-20) blocks.
Preliminary evaluation of infraclavicular catheters inserted using ultrasound guidance: through-the-catheter anesthesia is not inferior to through-the-needle blocks.
By this aim for upper limb surgery interscalene blocks are ideally suited for shoulder and upper arm surgery, supraclavicular nerve blocks for upper arm, elbow and radial side of forearm and the infraclavicular and axillary block are suited for hand, wrist and forearm surgery.
Infraclavicular block in paediatric anaesthesia: Concordance between the modified Wilson approach and ultrasound in determining the ideal puncture site **
If ultrasound tools are unavailable, then the infraclavicular approach should be considered, because the latter poses less risk of a pneumothorax (Table 1).
Infraclavicular brachial plexus block: Parasagittal anatomy important to the coracoid technique.
Seven of these recurrences were located in the retained native skin envelope or surgical scar with one subcutaneous recurrence in the infraclavicular area.
The supraclavicular, infraclavicular and axillary spaces also should be examined for enlarged lymph nodes.