a.1.(Zool.) Situated below the eyes, as the antenna of certain insects.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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MD: mandibular canal, PR: preopercular canal, PRMD: preoperculo mandibular canal, IO: infraocular canal, SO: supraorbital canal, OT: otic canal, PO: post-otic canal, ST: supratemporal canal, T: temporal canal, SOS: suborbital stay, op: operculum, LL: lateral line, b) dorsal view.
The infraocular spot occurred in a circular shape near the eyes, roughly between the eye and the arm spots component.
The red accessory nidamental gland, lateral mantle spots, infraocular spots, dark fins, and shaded eye were rare in females.
The infraocular spot component was seldom displayed; however, it showed a significant difference in time from the accentuated oviducal gland, a fast component.
Efectos de la asociacion anestesica Ketamina, Xilacina y Atropina sobre la presion infraocular y la produccion lagrimal en gatos (Felis catus).
Evaluation of infraocular and partial CO2 pressure in dogs anesthetized with propofol.
Examination of the cranial lymphatic system detected slow lymphatic drainage, with consequent tendencies towards sinus congestion and infraocular edema.
Infraocular spot appears directly in front of the eye and has variations, including a circular shape that looks like an eye ring.
It begins with Parallel positioning by two males and then includes various visual signals including Arm spots, Infraocular spot, Fin spots, Mid ventral stripe, Weak lateral flame, and Raised and splayed arms.
Arm spots are small and can occur either on the base of the second or third arms, whereas the Infraocular spot occurs roughly between the eye and the Arm spots.
It begins with Parallel positioning by two males and then includes various visual signals of Arm spots, Fin spots, Infraocular spot, and Mantle margin stripe, accompanied by the postural components Raised arm or Splayed arms.